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Division of Clinical Psychology, The Hong Kong Psychological Society (DCP) is founded in 1982. It is a professional body representing the specialty of Clinical Psychology in Hong Kong. All DCP members have completed either a master's or doctoral training programme in clinical psychology. They are qualified Clinical Psychologists.

The missions of DCP are

  1. to promote and guide the standard of practice and teaching of Clinical Psychology in Hong Kong; and
  2. to disseminate psychological knowledge to enhance the well-being of the public.

Organization Chart

Division Committee

Division Committee (2023-2024)

  • Chair

    Chung Ming LEUNG

  • Vice-Chair (Internal Affairs)

    Kenix KUNG

  • Vice-Chair (External Relations)

    Tony WONG

  • Vice-Chair (Membership & Professional Standard)

    Edwin CHIN

  • Honorary Treasurer

    Yvonne TSUI

  • Honorary Secretary I

    Ernest WONG

  • Honorary Secretary II

    Candy FONG

  • Honorary Membership Secretary I

    Amanda CHEUNG

  • Honorary Membership Secretary II

    Aled TANG

  • Professional Development Officer


  • Administrative Officer

    Stafany TSANG

  • External Relations Officer

    Janet WONG

  • Continuing Education Officer

    Fanny FANG


Membership Subcommittee


To process application for membership as well as eligibility statement for membership of Division of Clinical Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society.

Membership (2021-2022)
  • Chair

    Dr. Edwin CHIN

  • Members

    Ms. Stefany Tsang
    (Honorary Membership Secretary I)

  • Mr. Aled Tang
    (Honorary Membership Secretary II)

  • Dr. Amanda Cheung

  • Ms. Sherry Im

  • Dr. Charlene Lam

  • Ms. Michelle Leung

  • Ms. Mabel Yu

Continuing Education (CE) Subcommittee


To review, accredit and approve continuing education activities for members of Division of Clinical Psychology.

Membership (2021-2022)
  • Chair

    Ms. Brenda WONG

  • Members

    Dr. Susan FUNG

  • Ms. Anne SHEH

  • Dr. Iris CHAN

Subcommittee for Accreditation of Clinical Psychology Training (SACP)


To secure a high standard of local clinical psychology training to serve the needs of the community, through the recognition of local clinical psychology training programmes (a degree conferred by a university in HKSAR) and the accreditation of local clinical placement settings.

Membership (2021-2022)
  • Chair

    Mr. Joseph LAU

  • Secretary

    Ms. Sindy MOK

  • Mr. Michael Timothy NG

  • Members

    Mr. Kim-ching IP

  • Ms. Iris LAM

  • Mrs. Po-kwan LAU-YU

  • Dr. Yvonne LEE

  • Dr. Anthony TONG

  • Dr. Sandra TSANG, J.P.

Working Group on Public Education and External Relations


To inform the public on the works of Division of Clinical Psychology and issues relating to clinical psychology.

Membership (2021-2022)
  • Chair

    Ms. LEUNG Chung Ming

  • Members

    Ms. CHUNG Yee Lan Nicola

  • Ms. Vivian KWONG

Working Group for Sky Post Column Writing


To provide psycho-education to the public for enhancing their psychological health through writing in the newspaper.

Membership of the Subcommittee in the current term
  • Chair

    Mr. Ivan MA

  • Members

    Dr. Sammy CHENG

  • Dr. Amos CHEUNG

  • Dr. Maggie POON

  • Ms. Annie HO

  • Ms. Yvonne KWOK

  • Ms. Doris YEUNG

  • Dr. Samantha YUNG

  • Ms. LEUNG Chung Ming

  • Ms. Ann WONG

Working Group on Mindfulness


To promote the study and practice of mindfulness.

Membership (2021-2022)
  • Convener

    Mr. Tony WONG

  • Members

    Dr. Sonya LAW

  • Dr. Maggie POON

  • Ms. Sindy YIP

  • Ms. Venus YIU

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