Accredited Register (AR) Scheme for 
Clinical Psychologists (CP)






Division of Clinical Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society (DCP-HKPS) held two open consultations on proposal for the AR Scheme for CP in November 2017 and May 2018, respectively. A lot of feedback were received in the process. In June 2018, DCP-HKPS has been selected as the professional body to commence training for the accreditation survey to develop the voluntary accredited register for CP.

Since then, a group of very committed colleagues coming from different sectors have participated in the training provided by the Jockey Club School of Public Health & Primary Care (JCSPHPC), the accreditation agent of the AR Scheme for Healthcare Professionals, for learning the various standards and requirements of setting up the AR Scheme for CP.

The present draft documents were written based on the AR standards and feedback received in the public consultation and surveys. We have now posted these documents on the DCP website for sharing with and engagement of members, interested parties and the public.

Please give your written feedback via email before 25th Oct 2018


Document name Code PDF
Document Control Policy HKICP-ADM-PO-001-R0 (409KB)
Governance Structure of HKICP HKICP-ADM-PO-002-R0 (801KB)
Policy on Risk Management HKICP-ADM-PO-003-R0 (453KB)
Guideline on Continuous Quality Improvement HKICP-ADM-GL-004-R0 (269KB)
Information Management & Security Policy HKICP-ADM-PO-005-R0 (210KB)
Guideline on Information Management and Information Security HKICP-ADM-GL-006-R0 (350KB)

Education and Training

Document name Code PDF
Patients' Charter HKICP-CPD-PO-001-R0 (260KB)
Education Standards of Clinical Psychology in Hong Kong HKICP-CPD-PO-002-R0 (489KB)
Procedures for Accreditation of Clinical Psychology Training Programme HKICP-CPD-PD-003-R0 (391KB)
Procedures for Accreditation of Clinical Placement Setting for Clinical Psychology Training HKICP-CPD-PD-004-R0 (335KB)
Guideline on Commissioned Remedial Training in Clinical Psychology HKICP-CPD-GL-005-R0 (288KB)
Guideline on Remedial Training: Supervised Clinical Practice HKICP-CPD-GL-006-R0 (219KB)
Guideline for Accredited Clinical Supervisor (ACS) and Training Provider for ACS HKICP-CPD-GL-007-R0 (324KB)
Guideline on Continuing Professional Development in Clinical Psychology HKICP-CPD-GL-008-R0 (267KB)
Scope of Practice & Competence for CP in Hong Kong HKICP-CPD-PO-009-R0 (267KB)

Ethics and Complaints Investigation

Document name Code PDF
Code of Ethics of HKICP HKICP-ECI-PO-001-R0 (747KB)
Code of Conduct for the Personnel of HKICP HKICP-ECI-PO-002-R0 (341KB)
Policy on Declaration & Handling of Conflict of Interest of HKICP HKICP-ECI-PO-003-R0 (272KB)
Procedures for Handling of Complaints against HKICP HKICP-ECI-PD-004-R0 (632KB)
Policy on Handling of Complaints against Registrants of HKICP HKICP-ECI-PO-005-R0 (223KB)
Procedures for Handling of Complaints against Registrants of HKICP HKICP-ECI-PD-006-R0 (949KB)

Registration and Standard

Document name Code PDF
Management of the Register HKICP-RSD-PO-001-R0 (287KB)
Membership Registration & Handling Policy of the HKICP HKICP-RSD-PO-002-R0 (743KB)

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