Full Training for Accredited Clinical Supervisors
cum Train-the-trainer Workshop

WE CORDIALLY INVITE YOU to the Full Training for Accredited Clinical Supervisors on 9-10 January 2019 cum Train-the-trainer Workshop on 11-12 January 2019. The two workshops are organized by DCP-HKPS with the purpose of implementing the Full Training Programme for Accredited Clinical Supervisor (ACS) under the Accredited Register (AR) Scheme. Under the proposed AR Scheme for Clinical Psychologists, ACS is to provide clinical supervision in two situations (a) two-year clinical supervision for accredited clinical psychologists without post-qualification practice experience, and, (b) remedial training for applicants for registration whose clinical training does not fulfill the registration requirements. An ACS is required to have at least 10 years of clinical supervisory experience and to successfully complete an approved Full Training Programme in clinical supervision. Experienced supervisor trainer, Ms. Christine Senediak, is invited to conduct the above Full Training Programme.


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